Topic: Investing in Your Employee’s Future (and Your Company’s Too)

Track: Leadership & Workforce Development

Date: Tuesday, September 24

Time: 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Session Description: All construction managers understand the importance of project planning. However, succession planning for an organization is often ignored. While a management succession plan prepares your organization for vacancies of senior leadership, the process can also identify where employee training is needed.

The goal of a training program must focus on teaching employees the reasons behind doing a task in a particular way. It is crucial to help all employees, but especially young professionals, understand their role in the organization, both now and into the future. In this presentation, the author of H.R. Gray’s training program will moderate a panel discussion with three of H.R. Gray’s employees, who are in varying stages of the program. Participants will discover why employee development is an important part of any organization’s future success.

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