As part of the City of Akron’s combined sewer overflow (CSO) program to separate combined sewers into individual sanitary and storm systems, an integrated plan was developed to help the city use more “green” alternatives. Part of the plan for the Middlebury Separation Green project included the construction of a man-made wetland retention area for storm water runoff. This unique 1.8-acre wetland area, located in the Middlebury neighborhood of Akron, Ohio provides an attractive open space for the town’s residents and eliminated the need for storage basins – which is something the residents opposed.

On May 11, H.R. Gray’s Project Manager Kathryn E. DeMuesy, LEED AP and the City of Akron’s Engineering Projects Coordinator Jason Zajac will be presenting “Lessons Learned While Constructing A Wetland In an Urban Environment” at the 2018 Ohio Stormwater Conference. This presentation will highlight how Akron integrated the construction of a wetland retention area for stormwater runoff in this neighborhood. They will also discuss other aspects of the project including restoration and street re-surfacing of all disturbed areas, as well as green infrastructure in and around the new wetlands.

The 2018 Ohio Stormwater Conference is an annual conference dedicated to advancing the knowledge and understanding of comprehensive stormwater management for those dealing in all aspects of planning, design, implementation and regulatory compliance.