For almost four decades, the City of Cuyahoga Falls Front Street Pedestrian Mall was known as the heart of the city. After conducting numerous studies including the downtown historic district, circulation plan, retail market analysis and a residential market study, the City embarked on a $13.7 million transformation project including opening the area to two-way traffic as a means to invigorate the downtown business district.

The transformation not only alters and enhances the appearance and function of the area, but also provides a public area that caters to retail and professional offices and a fresh, enjoyable downtown experience for residents and visitors alike. Pavement and utility upgrades coupled with aesthetic improvements and new recreational amenities offer the City a beautiful, modern and safe focal point for years to come.

On Tuesday, March 20, H.R. Gray’s Bryan Celik, PE, CCM, Senior Construction Manager will join Bonnie Teeuwen, PE, Director of Municipal and Transformation Engineering at Osborn Engineering and Fred Guerra, Planning Director for the City of Cuyahoga Falls to present “Healthy downtowns build healthy communities: the City of Cuyahoga Falls Downtown Transformation project” at the Cleveland Engineering Society’s (CES) 66th Annual Design and Construction Conference.

The presentation will highlight how this high profile project has helped build a healthier community and outlines the necessary process to create success in your community.